welcome to my new home

Hi everyone,

Thanks for following me here.

You know, it wasn’t the usual burst of paranoia that precipitated this move. No, not that.

Instead, it was just a slow kind of realisation.

I was looking over old posts some time last week. I was actually looking at the timing of a couple of events, trying to work out how much time passed between one and the other.

But neither of the events were there. I hadn’t written about them.

That kind of freaks me out.

All my life I was an obsessive diarist. I mean, obsessive. Our hall cupboard has about 120 or so notebooks in it, starting from when I was eight years old.

I depend on those notebooks. They stop me from romanticising the past; they remind me about who I was and who I am.

My old blog – I just wasn’t recording enough.

There were too many IRL readers.

In the beginning I didn’t mind that. Jesus, I was the one who kept on opening my big mouth about it.

But in the end, it got so I couldn’t really write about anything. Not my family, not my friends, not my job, not my marriage. Nothing of substance.

So it just became a series of baby photos (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) and listed milestones. Mostly.

Anyway, I’m hoping my relocation will help me get back to why I started the blog. I want to get it all down. To not forget. To remember.

It will likely be mundane to others.

But life is like that, I suppose.


13 Responses to “welcome to my new home”

  1. MsPrufrock Says:

    Weee, look at me, being all obsessive and coming here immediately to comment.

    I like your new house, it’s cosy. Also, I’m jealous of you and your always cool header-type things. No fair. I can only manage what good old Blogger gives me.

    I know what you mean about moving to a more private place. Only one person from my “real” life reads my blog (to my knowledge), and that’s too much for me sometimes.

    I look forward to reading your true and more uninhibited thoughts.

  2. sky girl Says:

    I am so glad that you’re not REALLY leaving. Whew! Now, bring it on baby!

    (BTW, I am jealous of your cool headers too.)

  3. Krista Says:

    I am glad you are just relocating! It was a rather sudden stop, come to think of it. Hope you feel more comfortable here!

  4. DD Says:

    Just popping in to let you know I got your message and am also very excited about the potential you have here. I figured your username would be “Barbarella”…

  5. My Reality Says:

    So happy you aren’t really gone.

  6. Summer Says:

    Hey, so happy to see that you’re not going to stop blogging. Bring on the mundane!

  7. electriclady Says:

    Yay! Nice new digs. I would never have been able to handle it if anyone IRL was reading my blog–I am way too bitchy about my MIL.

  8. Becky Says:

    Yay! You’re here!

    And I’ve been there before, and outgrown a place before I decided to leave. Makes sense. What seems mundane to you may be completely interesting to The Internet. Isn’t that what blogs are for?

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  9. Bea Says:

    How do you make such interesting banners?

    Welcome to the new home. Hope the self-censorship is at a comfortable level here.


  10. Sam Says:


  11. Brandy Says:

    I am so, so glad to see you’re still around. I LOVE that header – I’m with Bea – how do you come up with those? They are just fabulous!

  12. beagle Says:

    I don’t have any IRL readers, not even my husband, and I’d like to keep it that way. So, I think I get why.

  13. antropologa Says:

    That’s why I don’t want any IRL readers! It wouldn’t be fun anymore.

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