Trip to emergency Monday when Buddha Baby fell off the bed (again) and face-butted our polished boards, resulting in a fat lip and blood nose. Doctor insisted no permanent damage but inspected Buddha Baby for bruises in case of abuse.

We went to the park today, the cut grass resulting in lots of little red dots all over Buddha Baby’s body. It appears I have a child with Allergies.

Buddha Baby’s sleep is still terribly interupted (he woke five times last night; I only know becasue I was curious and thought I would count), but more often than not, he will settle back down quickly. Course, that could be becasue I have still  been sleeping the second half of the night in bed with him. Needless to say, I’ve put a mattress on the floor of his room so we don’t have to risk cranial injury again.

My stepkids will be here in a week. Every one of their christmas presents was bought at a hifi and electricals superstore this evening. This makes things easier, if more expensive.

Buddha Baby and I have mouth/nipple thrush. It fucking hurts.

T. got a HUGE backpay today because his workplace hadn’t implemented 18 months worth of incremental payrises. It was almost two thousand dollars.

Our car was officially written off by the insurance company, turning out to be worth double what we spent on it. Yes, I made a profit from a car accident. I am wondering what we did to deserve these rare strokes of financial good luck.

But I am glad of them. Usually the universe kicks our butts.


6 Responses to “miscellany”

  1. Becky Says:

    Alex and Budda Baby seem to be having late night play dates in their respective cribs. That sucks for us, eh?

    Glad the universe is at least, financially, taking care of you.

  2. Bea Says:

    Plenty of cash to bribe child services with, then. Although I probably shouldn’t joke. It was a joke, child services lurker…

    Hopefully *everything* will start running smoothly for a while.


  3. Sam Says:

    It reminds me of the time I totaled my car and the insurance agency guessed the mileage at 100,00ish because the odometer only read five digits. It actually had 200,000ish but I wasn’t going to tell them that!

  4. dawn Says:

    OMG re falling off the bed. my fear when co sleeping. little miss avalon got her first tooth and has been sleeping better ever since. i cant believe she has to get a mouth full of the evil teeth.

    cool about making money on the car. you got a good deal when you bought it!!
    hope things go smooth with the step kids over the holidays and with hubbie fingers crossed……did you get any exciting electronics??? i am putting a Wii under our tree this year…….

    i am getting organized in my new house. although i swear my spouse is soo organizational challeneged that it is very very very very annonying…….especially when unpacking boxes…….and there is a garden hose in with office stuff. and a cds in with picture albums. and a watch in with bathroom items. etc etc. it would be endearing if it werent so annonying!!

  5. Brandy Says:

    So glad there were positives all around. Glad to here buddha is doing well after the fall (poor guy!) and that you’re coming out on the financial good end with the accident. Yay!

  6. ll Says:

    it was time you guys got a break… that is hilarious about the car…

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