descent of the step-family

The yearly jaunt into joyful step-motherhood begins on Wednesday.

I’m not so much looking forward to it this year. I am remembering too well what a supreme bitch I was much of last year’s visit (being heavily pregnant in the middle of summer and whatnot) and keep having dreadful flashbacks of the argument with my 12 year old Aries step-son that resulted in him actually audibly wailing in the spare room while I tried to ignore him by manically scrubbing the oven and listening to my 1960s protest music CD (We shall overcooooooooooome).

I keep imagining them telling their friends: My stepmother, she’s an absolute psycho.

Cause I kind of am sometimes.

I think on some levels it might be a little easier this year, though. Mostly because I am entirely used to not having space of my own now, so it’s not like I’m going to get that huge shock-to-the-system of having to suddenly share my house with two adolescents. Space, what the hell is that?

Also, I pushed this year for a bit of a shorter visit, one that straddles T’s time off nice and neatly. Most years I wind up hanging around the house with the kids while they watch Foxtel or play on the Internet (on my laptop, which I can’t handle) for at least part of the trip, while T. is at work. My step-daughter chats on MSN, and everyone gets hideously bored and aggro with one another and it becomes ugly fairly quickly.

This year is also the first year, obviously, that there is going to be a baby brother in the picture. And I’m kind of scared about that too.

On the phone, they seem to be excited. They did a good job of being happy about my belly last year. But I don’t know if they really are, or whether they’re humouring their dad, who is just about the world champion of perky enthusiasm.

I guess we’ll see.

One thing is for sure. It kind of sucks that their trip coincides with the beginning of Buddha Baby’s Stranger Anxiety phase.


5 Responses to “descent of the step-family”

  1. ll Says:

    I can only imagine that Buddha Baby will be besotted with his half-sibs. I know Lil’mooey is attracted to other kids… BUT… they must be older than her.

  2. Anita Says:

    Oh Christmas time and all of the funtabulous guilt that comes with it.

    Graeme loves teenagers but it may be because there are two living with him all the time. I hope BB enjoys his teen siblings.

  3. electriclady Says:

    One thing that worked for us when my brother came to visit while BG was going through massive stranger anxiety (and in particular, she was terrified of strange MEN) was that he just ignored her–sat in the same room, fooling with his laptop, so she could get used to the idea of him and eventually the lure of the big shiny clicking object overcame her fear of the stranger. So maybe warn the kids that if BB seems anxious when he meets them, that they should just pretend he’s not there and he’ll eventually come to them?

  4. Becky Says:

    Budda Baby is a bit older than Alex, who has no Stranger Danger signal (it’s embarrassing, he’ll stare and stare at strangers past the point of cuteness), but is full of Seperation Anxiety.

    That said, Alex adores anyone who is a child, no matter what age they are. (Both of my kids were like this).

    Good luck.

  5. Bea Says:

    If I wished you Merry Christmas would it come across as sarcastic? Hope it all goes smoothly.


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