eight month minutae

The day before yesterday, at exactly eight months corrected (or 9.5 actual months), Buddha Baby officially started crawling.

It’s frightening, the drive towards independance, and how quickly it’s come on us.

A few weeks ago, He started crying when I tried to give him a bottle. I had no idea what was going on, until eventually I tried letting him feed one to himself, lying horizontal on the floor. And that did the job. Now he wants to drink most of his bottles by himself (except the very sleepy, “I’d have a breast if you hadn’t pumped all the milk out of them, mummy” bottles, which he prefers to have curled up in my arms like a newborn.)

Now he has started doing the same thing with solid food. He has learnt how to spit it out. Not just dribble it out sloppily – actually powerfully spit, munitions-like, with raspberry sounds and all: Schppllttttttt

It’s the first irritating habit he’s developed – the first of many, no doubt.

He does this sometimes when he doesn’t like something, but mostly when he wants to feed it to himself. This is fine with toast, fruit, pasta. Not so fine with cereal or beef casserole, which he had for lunch (read: smeared all over the high chair then threw on the ground) today.

Another thing Buddha Baby is doing a lot of is banging stuff on stuff.

It’s as if the two identifying features of any object are a) how it feels in the mouth and b) how it feels when banged on a variety of other objects.

It’s funny to try and imagine how he must perceive the world.

Sometimes, when I find myself being super-parenty and thinking for him (Jasper! Icky! Don’t eat grass!) I try to imagine what it’s like for him to be experiencing things for the first time. I watch his facial expressions and try to imagine the internal monologue:

Mmm. What is this funny green stuff? It feels tickly on my legs. It smells funny. I wonder what it tastes like?

It blows my mind a bit to do this, though.

Which is kind of fun, I suppose.


8 Responses to “eight month minutae”

  1. Bea Says:

    I have stark recollections of my grandmother feeding my baby sister in a high chair in the middle of her suburban back yard, under the shade of the mango tree. I’m just trying to remember what my mother did at home. Courtyard?


  2. My Reality Says:

    I cannot believe he is crawling, it seems like just yesterday that you found out your cycle worked!

  3. DD Says:

    I use to look at my son as a baby and think the same thing: he’s seeing, hearing, tasting *this* for the first time ever and then that first will be gone forever. That’s why I let him eat the grass, and dirt, or bang a spoon (too damn loudly) on a pan.

  4. Becky Says:

    Alex bangs on EVERYTHING within reach. It’s cute until it translates into being slapped in the face. I tried to google this as I don’t remember Ben doing this. Mental note: do NOT google “baby slaps face” as you will come up with all kinds of ooky child abuse stories.

  5. ll Says:

    argh… I find the food spitting/smearing thing sooooo frustrating…

    My mother has a theory that babies walk 4 months from when they start crawling.

  6. rockmama Says:

    The Prawn has also started the food spitting thing, which claims the Number 2 Irritating Things That She Does spot. Number 1 is reserved for violently opposing getting dressed or having a nappy change. She twists herself around while screaming, making it completely impossible to put on clothes or change her.

    The banging on stuff is also happening fairly regularly. I’m beginning to think that I should put stuff that she shouldn’t have on the floor within easy reach and all of her toys on surfaces she can just barely get to in order to get her to play with them instead of wanting my laptop, stray papers or electrical cords.

  7. thalya Says:

    he sounds delightful (no really, I mean it). Although I’m sure the banging must be quite irritating, it is , as you say, so exciting to see them exploring and learning. It’s such a miraculous process.

  8. projgen Says:

    Yay! She’s still blogging 🙂

    I totally don’t get the spitting thing, but I completely get the “absolutely everything is new and worth exploring” part. I loved when my neighbours’ daughter was 1 and was supremely excited and thrilled with every new thing. Dandelions, the toys I have (don’t ask), our wool blanket, our dog, our dog’s toys, our dog’s food… anyway, the delight in her eyes at experiencing each new taste or feel, the “icky” face she’d make if one of those tastes wasn’t as yummy as she expected – was great fun and amazing. I was sad when she eventually got blase about it, but I guess you have to, eh? Otherwise, as you said, it blows your mind.

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