post of many updates

Oh how I wish I could muster the energy for a real post. Have been chipping away at one about step-parenthood but it involves mucho thinking and a brain I currently, in the 35 degree heat, do not have.

In lieu:

Buddha Baby has gotten bored of crawling and decided that pulling up to a stand is way more fun. He appears now to be crawling only for the purpose of reaching the nearest level surface. 3am practise commenced promptly.

He started the real pre-talking babbles exactly yesterday, while I was in the car on the way to my (27 weeks pregnant) sister’s place. I managed to escape a car accident while I sat in the driver’s seat watching him silently attempt oral contortions in the rear vision mirror until he felt confident enough to push some voice into them. Not mamama or dadada here though. Only wawawa or yayaya so far.

The First Christmas was uneventful, with Buddha Baby being incredibly spoilt and receiving presents even from Uncle D. who never even gave me a present in his whole life, so that was something special. Step-children sat in boredom and uncomfortableness (a word??) at my parents’ dinner table like they do every year.

Am still breastfeeding. A few hiccups, now resolved(ish). Will be happy to elaborate should one of you have any interest whatsofuckingever in hearing about it.

Countdown to Return-To-Work is beginning. I think there’s about four weeks to go. Am trying not to think about; too depressing right now. It’s only three days a week and my timetable is all library except for one year seven English class – it’s a nice, pissy load really. We are managing to avoid child care with a bit of a shuffle of T’s hours, but I’m still doubtful of Buddha Baby’s ability to deal with my absence, given his recent behaviours. We shall see.

Have been lazy with gym. Bad, bad, bad. Will start being good, good, good very soon.

Girl in my writer’s group had a story published in “Best Australian Short Stories” – a huge thing. Onset of yet another reign of guilt and regret about being lazy about sending off my poems. Why do I rarely do it? Why? Why? Why? I’m not scared of rejection, truly; I just hate going to the post office.

Have reshuffled furniture to accomodate the now-established co-sleeping. Buddha Baby gets to be against the wall while T. is on the other side of me, pretending the baby isn’t really in our bed. This works for everyone. Kind of. Well, no one has ended up in tears about it, anyway. Except Buddha Baby, who has decided he will only sleep belly-to-belly with me with his arms around my neck, holding onto my hair. Oh and I need to have my pyjama top off so the all-night milk bar is easily accessable, as well. I’m not sure how this is all going to pan out, of course. I’m decision-making on instinct here, which is possibly not so reliable right now. But is an interesting experiment.

And that, my friends, is all.


3 Responses to “post of many updates”

  1. dawn Says:

    that sounds sweet the way he sleeps for a night or two. i wouldn’t be able to sleep like that. but i am glad it aint causing a war anymore with the hubbie.
    back to work already?? that has got to be hard.
    a. is crawling now. cute. she loves her voice too!! the best is in the morning, she talks in her crib til we go get her. if we wait to long then it turns to crying. it is freaking cute. she is getting that “i’m proud of myself” look on her face when she gets into something she shouldn’t.
    love hearing all about jaspers antics. i dont find them boring at all!!

  2. Becky Says:

    I adore the babbling, and I’m sure you find it equally sweet to listen to.

    Sorry about the sleeping thing, but it sounds like you’ve reached an easier peace. It’s a toughie, sleep issues, and I have no idea how to resolve those.

  3. My Reality Says:

    I am impressed with your perserverance to keep breastfeeding even though it has been a struggle. He is one lucky little man to have you for a mum.

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