I was going to write a long -overdue update, but I can’t stop thinking about what Mary Ellen is going through. And that’s far more important than anything I could have said.


4 Responses to “”

  1. M Says:

    I’m with you – I just can’t get them out of my head. I so wish there was something we could do, anything at all….


  2. Sam Says:

    Thank you for the link. I’ve never read ME’s blog before but I left my condolences. It is so very heartbreaking.

  3. ll Says:

    Thanks for the link…
    Just the perspective I needed right now!

    Counting my blessings ….

  4. Bugsy Says:

    I just went and read about what has been happening with ME. Words cannot express my heartfelt feelings about their loss. It is incredibly heartbreaking. I think I will take a moment now to just sit back and silently pay my respects. Hope you are doing okay.

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