I’m back with more dotpoints..

…But wait, I post so infrequently that no one knew I went away. But you must have missed my comments? Oh that’s right, I hardly ever comment either…

(*SIGH* Do you believe me when I tell you I do read? That bit is true…)

So. Just got back from the lovely tropics, where we visited my step-kids for a few days. It was nice. BB was charming and cute. Step-kids no longer really kids as such – being 16 and 12. (Crazy. They were 8 and 4 when I met them. When did this growing up  business happen?)

The flight there was a disaster area. BB was the official Toddler Who Cries The Whole Time, and squirmed and squawked on my lap and I had to take hime for walks down the aisle.

But then again, he is walking finally! Rah!

He certainly took his sweet time about it. But as I have been saying for weeks, I knew he would save his first steps for when his brother and sister could see them – that was what he did with his crawling too. And he did. We arrived about midnight Monday night, and he walked on Tuesday.

So there you go.

(I seem to blog with only half my conscious mind these days. It’s like I half-focus on it. So sorry for disjointedness. ..This is why I only got a shameful “Pass” for my uni subject this semester. Brain no care.)

I go back to the Work-of-Psycho-Bosses on Monday. So sucky. The feeling of dread is incredibly depressing. In fact, the feeling of dread at the end of school holidays is the reason I stopped teaching full-time and moved into the school library in the first place. Yet here I am, reliving it anyway via my megalomanic control freak micromanager boss. How ironic and sad. Let’s chant again: One day it will be your library… One day it will be your library….

In better news. I have now lost about 10 lbs. Go Weight Watchers. Not yet at first generation of jeans, but am feeling less frumpy. At least I will feel comfortable wearing something other than enormous Thai fisherman’s pants this summer. Heh. Maybe even a skirt. Heavens.

So anyway, much love to all in my slice of blogland. Thanks for bearing with my boringness in extremis for all this time. DD, happy birthday and good luck with your tummy next week. Everyone else… I have way too many feeds on my Bloglines right now, but trust I will be caught up with your news in the next couple of days…

(Pics to come soon, btw, and maybe video. Email me for password.)

Ex Oh Ex Oh.


10 Responses to “I’m back with more dotpoints..”

  1. Becky Says:

    Alex just began to walk, too. He’s the most stubborn thing I’ve ever seen. But seeing him stagger around all drunk-ish is worth any wait.

  2. Summer Says:

    I missed you!! I was starting to think maybe you decided not to blog anymore, so I’m glad to see your post!

  3. Anita Says:

    So great to hear from you Meg, I miss you.

  4. namaste Says:

    Okay, now… I’ve just found you again and of course reading the post about your friend breaking up with you makes me wonder if you broke up with me and I didn’t realize it. Ack! Maybe I should take a hint if you don’t send me your password?

    I’ll be the one slinking away with my tail between my legs, trying to whistle and pretend it doesn’t matter… 😉

    Seriously – glad to have found you again. Congrats to the little guy on walking! Isn’t it great?

  5. My Reality Says:

    Congrats on the walking BB!!!

    Ex Oh – I have never seen it that way before, and I think I am in love with it. 🙂

  6. samsstories Says:

    Gimme password. Do I have to email you? I wanna see cute walking baby pics. RIGHT NOW!!


    Please n thank you.

  7. DD Says:

    Since I’m too lazy to comment AND email, consider this my request for the password (if that’s oK…?).

    Good to hear from you and thanks for the well wishes.

  8. thalia Says:

    Oh yes password please.
    Clever baby saving things up for his siblings. Wonder if he’ll do the same with his first sentence?
    My experience is that work in practice is not as bad as work in anticipation. I hope you find the same thing.

  9. Pam/Wordgirl Says:

    Welcome back!

    Someday it will be YOUR library — and ten pounds? WOW. That’s awesome.

    I hope you’re being gentle with yourself –you are balancing quite a lot!



    P.S. I’ve hit another wall and the novel has screeched to a grinding halt.


  10. MsPrufrock Says:

    I’m a bit late commenting given my own lack of commenting lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pleased to see another post from you!

    Well done to BB with the whole walking thing. I adore the drunken stumbling of the newly walking. Cute.

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