Quickly, becasue I am visiting my step-kids and yet, things must come out.

My sister called this morning. She is pregnant. With an eight month old. And post-natal depression.

She said to me: “I’m not used to the idea”.

What my mother told me she’s saying: “I cannot keep this baby”.

I know it is not my decision to make. I know I can’t say anything to her. That she will do what is right for her, and she will have good reasons for it. And it will not be something she will take lightly. She is a natural mother, my sister – one of those rare kinds of mothers.

But I cannot help the infertile in me, the one put down the phone and went to the bathroom and shut the door. Who put her hands over her face and wept silently, violently, and like a child.


13 Responses to “”

  1. lassie Says:

    I think the infertile part of me/(us?) remains vulnerable to some really strong emotions. I, for instance, am leaving this reply at 2am because I’m overwrought with trying to make up for the last 6 Christmas’s without a child.

    These words, “and wept silently, violently, and like a child.” hit home for me. It just never goes away completely does it? I find it strange and kind of scary that I can be so wrapped up in motherhood one minute and grieving my infertility in the depths of my soul the next.

    I’m sad that you are in this situation. Take care of yourself

  2. DD Says:

    We want what we cannot have and other have what they do not want. At least it seems to feel like that when infertility becomes part of our make-up.

    I’m thinking of you, Meg.

  3. Becky Says:

    Oh, sweetie. *hugs*

    I’m sorry, my friend.

  4. Sam Says:

    Fuuuuuuck. I’m so sorry.

  5. luckbeababy Says:

    Oh dear. I’m sure I would be locked in a bathroom too.

  6. luckbeababy Says:

    damn wordpress.

    That was me, beagle.

  7. Erin Says:

    What an impossibly tough situation. I would also be doing the same thing if I were in your shoes.

  8. Summer Says:

    I would have had the same reaction.

    …thinking of you.

  9. thalia Says:

    we all know just how you feel. It’s tough, very very tough.

  10. My Reality Says:

    Sigh. I hope you are feeling a bit better about the news.

  11. Bea Says:

    I understand what you mean.


  12. Kelly Says:

    Oh honey, I would cry as well. That poor, unborn baby. A life ended before it even began. My heart just breaks. ((((HUGS))))

  13. Brandy Says:

    That’s a hard place to be in. I can remember being there over and over again both while TTC and after having my own surprise baby girl. I’m late seeing this post but I do want you to know you’re not alone.

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